Back to Work


→ Grundtvig Partenariati Strategici

→ 2013 – 2015


“Back to work” has the ambition to tackle adult learners’ reintegration into the labour market and maintain employment by involving training staff from 6 European countries by empowering a group of European beneficiaries to undertake the following:

  • Compare the approaches of various European countries by presentations of practices and company visits.
  • Compilation of best practices from all participating countries.
  • Acquisition of new skills and specialisation of interventions for employment for adults through the comparison of methodologies used in partner countries.
  • Adoption of formulas tested in partner countries.
  • Involvement of employment agency workers and managers at a guidance level – workshops in partner countries to experiment the best practices used.
  • Involvement of learners in a workshop on e-learning with a focus on how e-learning can help the re-integration into the labour market.
  • Involvement of learners through the form of a testimony of best practice and sharing of experiences and input for the project.
  • Creation of a booklet containing the description of the instruments/tools presented during the project and the way of implementation to be disseminated to employment agencies in partner countries.

The output of the project will be of tools that complement each other in order to provide solutions to people that have been excluded from the job market (in particular: the over 50 population, women who have been absent from the job market due to family reasons, immigrants and lower qualified people).

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